•  Best of the German Technology & machinery.
•  Customized Solutions.
•  Suiting to Various Budgets.
•  Installation and Design to suit your needs.
•  World Class Success Partners and Sourcing.
•  Consultants from Tupperware helping customers to Organize the Kitchen.
•  Also training the customers in usage of modern appliances like microwave and oven....
•  Designs - to suit our way of working, Need and Lifestyle.
•  Materials - Which are specific to Indian Cooking conditions and not just COPY ,CUT or paste of European Manufacturers.
                    EG: As we know European Kitchens are made of partical boards, Where we use water proof Ply as we JUST DON'T PREPARE BREAD & JAM.
•  We have our own cabinets & shutters production unit.
•  Top of the line German Hardware and fittings.
•  Vast range of Accessories to give Individuality.
•  After Sales Service by our own team.

Other Goodies

•  Value for money. •  Middlemen eliminated. •  Transparency. •  Tailor made kitchens.

Form & Function

•  Ambiente Kitchens are a perfect combination of Form and Function offering uncompromising and Robust Quality

Carcasses/ Cabinets

Made out of BWP( Boiling Water Proof (710 Grade) Premium PLY and not PARTICLE BOARD /COMMERCIAL BOARD / MDF).
Crafted on Automated Machinery with German PVC edge Banding and Glue to outperform in Indian Cooking and Usage styles.
High Density material is more durable and is perfect partner for Hardware like Hinges/ Drawer systems.

Functional & Practical

We use Best of the Hardware from World class European Manufactures ensures
Durability and long life of Ambiente Kitchens, No Sagging doors, No alignment problems, No hardware's coming off the cabinets due to imperfect raw materials of highest density and Quality sourcing of German long lasting Architectural Fittings.

Modern Day kitchen Design is all about using creative individual and unusual design alternatives in order to create the most efficient use of space.
convenience & ergonomics have long been integral components of any functional kitchen design Kitchens are spaces for living and that's why Ambiente kitchens just don't offer robust quality but most sensible storage spaces that maximize the utilization to the last inch. Combination of most modern fittings from suppliers in Germany Ambiente kitchens open up practically Limitless space utilization and makes the kitchen Unique. Superior Design Ideas in Glass, Aluminum and Natural wood Veneers make your kitchen more individual Simple Elegance, Exquisite materials, Uncompromising Quality.